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2016 Ford Transit with 2018 professional custom camper installation

Off Grid, Off road Specs


Sportsmobile Electric Roof

A $9700 installation at the Sportsmobile factory.  This is what they do best! With a press of a button, the roof raises to 6' 10" inside.  It has 5 large windows which unzip to screens. It is excellent for sleeping up top, with the feeling of a treehouse. The pop up top is a great advantage over tall vans for better gas mileage, parking in garages,  easy driving in windy areas, and missing the many overhead branches off road. 

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Professionally Installed Camper Interior

Installed professionally. Lawrence in Ojai, California designs, builds and installs RV interiors. He only does 3 a year now, his company used to do 35 per year.

- Sportsmobile installed an electric lift roof. 6'8" inside height.
- 2 drawers
- 6 cupboards including hanging locker, food and dish locker, port-a-potty or dry toilet locker.
- Stainless sink

- Pressurized 16-gallon water tank. The sink has spray wand with 6 foot hose for cooling showers.

- No gray water tank. Sink drains into bucket or ground.
- Dometic one burner stove burns denatured alcohol, the safest of fuels.  Low fumes, easy to light with built-in glow plug
- Avanti compact refrigerator, powered by solar (12V) or shore power
- 3rd seat with seat belt, slides out of the way when not needed
- Queen bed, 6 foot long = width of camper
- In the raised roof area, is a full bed with approx 6'8" in length
- 16 LED lights can be adjusted for all needs.

- Passenger seat swivels to face the camper.

- 3 shelf/tables can be collapsed or raised. The photo shows raised shelf just in front of sink.

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Power Needs

 - 100 Watt solar panel, 4 AGM batteries,  Solar charge controller. 

 - Sine Wave Inverter, 2000watt for your 110 power needs. 

 - 3 locations of USB ports and DC plugs for 12Volt 

- 2 locations of electric outlets when attached to shore power for 110W  



 - You access the large storage compartment from rear doors. Great for tools and toys. Fits a full size electric mountain bike, not included. :-) 

"sportsmobile rv for sale camper"

Ford Transit T 250 cargo Van, 2016


25,000 miles

I am the second owner and have used the camper for 17,000 miles. The first 8000 miles it was a leased delivery van. I have owned full vans built by Sportsmobile and prefer the moderation in this, at 1/2 the price.

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Van Specs

- Great to drive! I typically cruise at 70MPH.

- 19 MPG freeway fully loaded for camping. 

- 18' 4" in length, parks easily in any parking place. Fits all parking garages I've come across.

- Great undercarriage clearance. I have not wanted 4 wheel drive.

- A powerful engine. Does not slow or feel underpowered on steep climbs. Can be excellent for towing once you install a hitch. 

-  VIN 1FTYR1ZM7GKA59498  car fax available

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The Why

I camped 45 weekends in 2018 as I rented my home as a Vacation Rental - I got paid to go camping! Vacation rentals have now been banned in my area.  I am struggling financially without the rental income. This is the 3rd van I have owned and could have been my forever van as it is so well thought out and simple. 

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